Nowadays everybody is trying to get noticed in social media and gain followers and social media awareness. You see all those Instagram influencers and people promoting brands and living this lifestyle that seems perfect. Working with brands and getting sponsored by one or many of them is a hard thing to do.

The first thing that you have to know is that these people are where they are because they help the brands they work with to sell more product and to gain more following and traction. If you are not able to do that yet nobody is going to give a sh** . You have to learn how to gain traction for yourself first. What makes you special ? WHAT do you have that can make people interested about you ? Do you practice sports that look impressive in video? Do you have tattoos and modeling skills ?

Take advantage of what makes you special and then learn how to present it in a enjoyable way for people to see it and get engaged . Take advantage of all the social media that you can ( Instagram, blogs , YouTube content, Facebook …) and promote yourself with something behind that really catches people attention.

When you do that and gain some true fans that really care about what you are doing you have something big and interesting behind your name. You have people that watch your stuff and that take your opinions into consideration. That¨s what catches brands attention.

Don´t try to think about what brands will do for you. Think about what you can do for the different brands that you want to work with. What value can you provide them ? Prove them that you have something that can be valuable for them , that you can generate revenue. That´s the whole point.

My last tip is to grow steadily and progress from little things to bigger ones. You begin with little things like discount codes, posts on Instagram… When you make this things work and prove that you are valuable you will become more important for this brands and more will want to work with you.

Keep grinding and start small but think big. And remember that you will have to hustle and nothing replaces hard work.


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