The 10 steps to fat loss


  1. Eat fewer calories than you burn:

Fat loss is based on maintaining a caloric deficit. Gives equal the miracle diet that you follow, if not in a calorie deficit will not lose fat. Calculates your approximate caloric expenditure (recommend the formula of Mifflin St Jeor Method, multiplied by your activity level) and consumes between 250-500 less calories (girls recommend 250, boys can be incremental from 250 to 500)

  1. To make sure our needs of Macro and micro nutrients

Calculate your needs for protein, carbohydrates and fats daily.

In at least one gram of protein / kg body weight and a maximum of 2 g / kg of body weight. Recommend fats in one gram of fat / kg of body weight. Carbohydrates should cover the rest of your daily calories and adjust to your level of activity. The requirements of an athlete will not be the same as those of a sedentary person.

  1. Perform a proper training

Perform a strength training combined with a proper aerobic training is the best way to lose body fat. See the next post for an example of routine.

  1. Try to maintain your muscle mass and strength

It is no good to lose fat if every time we do it we also lose all the strength that we had won. Your goal in a phase of definition should be at minimum keep your strength in your lifts and thus your muscle mass.

  1. Lose fat not always is the same that lose weight

A person may weigh 70 kg a year and the same next year and see different body composition. Focus on losing fat, don´t obsess yourself with the number of the scale.

  1. Don´t perform excessive cardio

Cardiovascular activity is very necessary to health in general, but we must not abuse. Make two hours of cardio a day is not the best way to lose fat. So we will only lose muscle mass and enter into a dependency of the cardio for our fat loss. Performs cardio if you enjoy it, but do not abuse and do it the proper way (HIIT, sports,…)

  1. If you are losing fat, there is no need to make drastic changes

More is not better, better is better. If you’re doing things well, not change them waiting for miracles.

  1. Drink enough water

Between 1.5 – 2l a day for most people, can be 3 or even more for the athletes. The water helps keep your metabolism and dehydration is one of the greatest enemies of fat loss.

  1. Don’t be afraid of carbs

” carbohydrates at night make you fat” lie. If these carbohydrates are found within your daily needs gives equal to consume them at breakfast or before bedtime. My best physical shape was achieved while eating a whole bowl of cereal and chocolate before going to bed I (keep in mind that my calorie needs are high)

  1. Measure your progress

Whether it’s with pictures of progress, the scales or body fat measurements, you must be able to objectively measure if you’re working correctly.



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